5 Tips to build your own house

A mason at a construction site. The style of your house greatly determines the cost
A mason at a construction site. The style of your house greatly determines the cost. PHOTO/FILE
Congratulations! You have finally decided to build your home rather than buying one of the new homes for sale in Kenya.

Here are some of easy to remember house construction tips to help you make your dream home a reality.

1.) Do not build a house to impress your neighbours. You may become famous for owning the most expensive house in your neighbourhood, but you may find it very hard to sell the house when need arises.

2.) Build the house for resale, not for you. This is because at some point you may want to sell the house. Well, a ten-bedroom house with six bathrooms may be excellent for your family but it will stress you up when trying to find a buyer.

3.) Choose your contractor carefully. Hire the most qualified contractor you can afford. Ask the contractor to give you references from his past clients. Any professional contractor will not object to you contacting his past clients. Also check out contractors who have built houses for your friends or new neighbours.

4.) Expect delays. Keep in mind that each subcontractor depends on the others to complete the project on time. A delay in the framing will, for example, delay the plumbers and electricians as well as all of the other phase of house building project.

5.) Monitor the progress. Throughout the construction process, be sure to keep an eye on every detail because it is much easier to correct a mistake when identified early. Otherwise, you may overlook a mistake that may eventually take weeks or months to correct – not to mention thousands or millions of extra shillings.

By following the above relatively simple house construction tips, you can be sure to build your home more efficiently with minimal risks of cost overruns.