Great house plans and designs

Thanks to the Internet, it is possible to find great house plans online  – from the comfort of your home.
It is possible to find great house plans online – from the comfort of your home. PHOTO/FILE
House plans are artistic creations (blueprints) that define all the specifications of a proposed house including proportions, designs, building materials, construction methods and techniques.

Unfortunately, many prospective home owners in Kenya are not familiar with building plans – a situation that complicates their home building endeavours.

While architects and contractors can break things down for you, it is a great idea to familiarise yourself with some construction knowledge.

It is particularly important to learn how to read and understand the main components of your home designs.

This basic knowledge of house plans in Kenya will allow you to adequately raise questions or concerns throughout all phases of construction.

The main components of great house plans include:

1.) A construction site plan – This is an overhead view of the site and the house location in reference to the boundaries of the plot. The plan should indicate location of utility services, driveways and walkways and it may include geographical details that define the site’s terrain.

2.) A floor plan – This shows an aerial view of the proposed house. Attributes of a floor plan are customarily marked between the walls to show the size of each of the rooms and the length of the walls.

A floor plan may show all the interior spaces of a house as well as details of elements such as kitchen sinks, closets, wardrobes, etc. It may also include reference notes on construction techniques and building materials.

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3.) Building sections – These are drawings that show the interior structure of a building. They are created by “cutting” a house along an axis to describe how the structure will be built and to show how the interior finishes will look like.

Sections are used to explain certain details of the design, including doors and windows dimensions, stairs dimensions (if present), ceiling type, roof and ceiling height.

4.) Exterior elevations plans – An elevation is a measured plane visualized from the side of a house. Elevations show front, sides and rear of a house – their focus being on exterior materials.They are drawn to scale and they specify exterior completions and other exterior design aspects of a house.

Thanks to the development of information technology in Kenya, it is possible for you to find thousands of great house plans online – from the comfort of your house.

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There are many international websites out there offering powerful search engines that make it possible for you to narrow down your house plans search based on your preferred design, budget, size and other parameters. These websites include:, and, among many others.