5 Stylish home decor ideas

Neutral colours are used for interior décor to give homes a more sophisticated look.
Neutral colours are used for interior décor to give homes a more sophisticated look. PHOTO/FILE
Decorating a home can present many challenges especially to first-timers with little information on the latest home decor trends in Kenya.

To help you out, we have prepared a quick feature on how to design your bedroom, living room, bathroom and every other room in your home.

1.) Classic theme
One of the hottest home decor trends in Kenya today is the classic theme. What is old in the 1970s or 1980s will give your home the much needed facelift this year. Out of date tables, chairs and fabrics are now finding their way into the trendiest home décor stores.

2.) Architectural lighting
Lighting is quickly becoming a major component of home decoration, with lighting companies introducing bespoke architectural lighting systems into the market.

Hanging lights in kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms are being used by many home-owners in Kenya to get a more contemporary look for their homes. In addition, some home-owners are using metallic paint on ceilings to further improve their homes.

3.) Wall murals and coverings
Another popular decoration trend is the use of wall murals and coverings instead of paint to enhance the look of a room while increasing its comfort. The major advantage of these wall decors is that they can be transferred to your new home when you move houses.

Thanks to the recent environmental conservation awareness campaigns, many home-owners are now seeking for decoration accessories made of eco friendly materials. As such there is a substantial increase in the number of stores offering items made of biodegradable materials – from wall hangings to carpets.

4.) Colours
In terms of colours, playful colours such as orange, brown and red are being used for outdoor furniture and décor while neutral colours are being used for interior décor to give homes a more sophisticated look.

5.) Open floor plan
The use of open floor plans is also gaining currency among home owners in many parts of the world as it gives rooms – especially kitchens – an elegant look.

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