Equipment financing in Kenya

Equipment Leasing has lower credit requirements.
Equipment Leasing has lower credit requirements. PHOTO/FILE
Equipment financing gives your business the construction equipment it needs in order to operate successfully and make a profit.

Leasing is one of the best ways to obtain equipment finance. A lease is good for businesses because it does not tie up your money.

Construction equipment finance through a lease is attractive to businesses because they do not need huge amounts of collateral so as to get approved.

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The following are the most common types of capital:

1.) Equipment Loan – This is a loan obtained using the equipment as collateral. Excellent operating history, credit rating, debt ratios are the most important considerations.

2.) Equipment Leasing – This is a contract for a fixed period of time in exchange for payments, usually in the form of rent for equipment. This type of financing has lower credit requirements.

3.) Municipal Equipment Leasing – This is a lease transaction with any government agency, such as a City or County.

4.) Equipment Sale and Leaseback – This is the sale of an asset for cash, with a contract to lease the asset back from the funding source purchasing the asset.

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