Construction companies in Kenya

Construction companies in Kenya play a major role in the development of East Africa’s largest economy.

If you are considering hiring a contractor for your project, a Kenyan construction company would be your best bet to getting best results at the best prices.

Contrary to the widespread beliefs, Kenyan contractors are not incompetent – although there are quite a few cowboy contractors who are infamous for their shoddy work.

There are variations in the costs of hiring a contractor – depending on the magnitude of your project among other factors – but you should never sacrifice the quality of service in a bid to reduce construction costs.

It is important that you research the companies that you invite to bid for your construction project to ensure your dream does not turn into a nightmare.

Ask each firm as many questions as you can such as how experienced they are, how satisfied are their clients and of course how financially stable is their business.

To find out if a company is financially stable, you can ask to contact some of their suppliers. This way to can get some insight on the standards and ethics of a contractor.

It is also highly recommended that you ask the contractor for a complete list of referrals. Be sure to  call several of them and ask them how the construction process went. You can ask them about the quality of service, schedules as well as the general quality of construction.

Professional construction companies in Kenya depend on referrals to develop their business and they cannot get them if their quality of service is below standards.

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