Erdemann launches fire-resistant gypsum boards

Fire resistance testing.
Fire resistance testing. PHOTO/INNOGYPS
Nairobi-based building materials maker Erdemann Gypsum has launched a new line of gypsum board that combines acoustic properties with added fire resistance.

Structures made of gypsum boards can withstand fire for up to four hours thereby minimising damage and allowing time for fire-fighters to arrive.

A single board to each side provides up to 30 minutes of fire resistance should there be a break out,” said Erdemann Gypsum managing director John Yang.

“The fire resistance makes the gypsum boards ideal for building schools, hospitals, and offices,” he added.

Gypsum is a passive fire protection substance because, naturally, it contains crystallised water bound in the form of hydrates. The water is vapourised when exposed to heat, thus retarding heat transfer.

“A fire in a room that is separated from another by a fire-resistant gypsum board will not cause the next room to get any warmer than the boiling point until the water in the gypsum is gone,” Mr Yang said.

In addition to fire resistance, Hada gypsum board is noise-insulating, thus decreasing transmission of sound between rooms.

“The duo-functionality means a single board can be used to achieve fire and sound requirements, cutting material and installation costs,” Mr Yang said.

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