Why you should give green building a chance in 2017

Sustainable building materials usually cause less pollution.
Sustainable building materials usually cause less pollution. PHOTO/FILE
You may have heard all the reasons why you should never go green when building or remodelling your home. It’s too expensive, it takes ages to complete, I’m too young for that….

And for every excuse, there are multiple reasons to use ecofriendly (green) building materials for your project. These include:-

1.) Availability. There is no shortage of less expensive green building materials in Kenya if you only look around carefully and think creatively.

You can use recycled plastics or wooden materials that have been harvested in a responsible manner as decking materials. Recycled materials can also be used as insulation pads.

2.) Environment-friendly. The construction boom has been mentioned extensively in conferences and forums as a leading cause of pollution. By using sustainable building materials, you will not only cut costs but your project will also become more ‘green’ as these materials cause less pollution.

3.) Saving natural resources. It is a fact that forest resources are being depleted by the growing demand from the construction industry. By using bamboo or cork as alternatives to timber, you will help save our forest resources. Bamboos are easy to grow and they also look good on your building.

4.) Health benefits. Indoor pollution basically comes from paint and other chemicals used to make the house more beautiful. Paint and other construction materials give off fumes and chemicals that are bad smelling and toxic to health.

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You should avoid using such materials and, if possible, make use of water-based paints, adhesives and similar items to avoid build-up of chemicals in your house.

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