How to cut home building costs

Metal roofs lasts decades longer than other roofs.
Compared to hipped roofs, gable roofs are less expensive as they don’t require additional framing.PHOTO/FILE
In these tough economic times, every builder is looking for innovative ways to lower building costs without compromising on safety and beauty.

Your dream of decreasing the cost of building a home is valid and can be realised using the following easy-to-apply techniques:

1.) Size – Select a relatively standard size for your house and round this up to a percentage of two feet. It is advisable to use even numbers to minimise wasted resources.

A large house can seem a bargain when you compare costs per square foot. However, if you look at the bottom line a small house is more affordable to build and more economical to maintain. Reducing the size and number of windows can also help minimise construction expenditure.

2.) Roofing – The roof is easily the ultimate design highlight that draws the most attention but you should avoid complicated roofing designs. Compared to hipped roofs, gable roofs are less expensive as they don’t require additional framing.

3.) Materials – Consider using building materials that are common and have a high rate of supply. These materials usually cost less and they also help avoid hold-ups and interruptions. In addition, you should consider removing unnecessary features or those that are too expensive for you.

4.) Floor plans – Complex shapes are difficult and expensive to construct. To cut costs, choose simple – rectangular or square – house plans. Buildings with these shapes cost less because you don’t have to put in extra work and equipment for curved walls. It is important to note that you can utilize your materials more efficiently with fewer angles and corners.

5.) Build tall – Instead of building a single storey house that spans across the lot, consider building a two or three storey house. The taller house will have the same amount of living space, but the foundation and roof will be smaller. Ventilation and plumbing are also cheaper in multi-storey homes.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to engage professionals in all your construction projects. Besides saving on costs (in the long term), professionals – architects, quantity surveyors, engineers, etc – will advice you on how best to carry out your project from the actual planning to implementation.