Mabati Rolling Mills ventures into low-cost housing

Prefab homes are gaining popularity in many parts of the world

Mabati Rolling Mills has entered into the low-cost housing by supplying prefabricated houses to low and middle income Kenyans.

The roofing materials maker is looking to cash in on the lucrative property market by supplying ready-made steel houses that will retail at Sh80,000 and Sh160,000 for two and four-room houses respectively.

The walls of the prefab houses have an option of being completed using iron sheets, wood, bricks or mud depending on the preferences of the customer.

The firm is optimistic that the pricing will help it penetrate the low-end of the market which investors seeking quick returns have shunned.

“There is demand for these units across the country. The models can be custom-made for customers depending on their tastes and preferences ,” said Kaushik Shah Safal, the group’s CEO for Horn of Africa.

Mabati Rolling Mills is a member of the Safal Group of Companies – Africa’s leading manufacturer of flat and long steel products that include brands such as Saflok 700, Galsheet Rescincot, Versatile, DumuZas and more.

The firm recently unveiled a construction estimating software for property developers in an effort to grow market share.

Update Note: April 20, 2012 – Mabati Rolling Mills have since clarified that their units are not retailing at Sh80,000 and Sh160,000 for two and four-room houses respectively, as indicated in this article. We regret the inconvenience this may have caused you and hope you’ll contact them directly.

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