Billionaire Resort project is well underway in Malindi

The Billionaire Resort is owned by Italian billionaire Flavio Briatore
The Billionaire Resort is owned by Italian billionaire Flavio Briatore. PHOTO/FILE
The construction of a tourist resort that will cater for billionaires is underway at Casuarina area near Marine Park in Malindi.

The Sh500 million Billionaire Resort, which is being built by Italian billionaire Flavio Briatore, will have 26 state-of-the-art apartments, disco, a lounge and restaurant that will cater for prominent world figures.

According to the General Manager of Briatore’s Lion Group of Companies, Liana Pierino, the ground floor of the project is now complete and half of the exclusive apartments have been sold out to the rich and famous.

“The resort will have state-of-the-art equipment for leisure and sports to cater for celebrities such as sports persons, models and business tycoons,” said Dr Pierino.

Mr Briatore, the former head of Renault Formula 1, owns a similar facility on Sardinia Island near Italy, where prominent world figures from Europe, America, Australia and Asia often meet.

The architectural design of the resort, which is scheduled for completion by December 2012, has been done by Matteo Fantoni Studio of Milan, Italy, with local architects being Studio Infinity Architects.

According to the project’s website – – the buildings are designed to promote natural ventilation, control solar gain and exploit the cooling properties of thermal mass.

“Each detail is conceived and realized with cutting edge design care, using local materials and simple construction techniques, reflecting the synthesis of tradition and innovation,” a statement of the website reads.

The design of resort is focused on ‘a mission of high living quality and high eco-friendly building performances for the ultimate experience’.