How to become a better construction project manager

A project manager is required to have the ability to perform numerous tasks at once.
A project manager is required to have the ability to perform numerous tasks at once. PHOTO/FOTOSEARCH
Construction project management refers to a series of activities fashioned to bring forth a development at a defined schedule with outlined goals and resources.

Ordinarily, project management begins with a feasibility study that defines the scope of the project, schedule, costs, financing, selling price (in the case of a for-sale-development) and profitability.

As a project manager, one is required to have the ability to perform numerous tasks at once, from creating a budget, scheduling subcontractors, dealing with suppliers and ensuring that a project is completed effectively.

Here are tips to help you become a better construction project manager.

1.) Obtaining approvals
A construction project involves land and other geographical elements, and it is therefore necessary to obtain all relevant approvals. Check with your local building department to find out what is required of projects in your area and what restrictions apply to your project. You should also check if you need to obtain approvals from authorities such as the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA).

2.) Hiring subcontractors
Once you obtain all the required approvals, you should go ahead and invite bids from subcontractors. During your meeting with pre-qualified subcontractors, go through the blueprints with each of them and get their ideas on how to handle specific parts of the project.

3.) Creating budget and schedule
This is one of the most important roles of construction manager. Creating a tentative budget and construction schedule requires you to be flexible as management risks can affect both the costs and the schedule. Keep some amount aside for unforeseen costs or additional requirements and modifications.

4.) Allocating resources
At this stage you should purchase building materials and arrange for construction equipment. This should be done according to the tentative budget. You should also hire all workers and allocate duties for the entire project. It is important to teach your workers to efficiently use the available resources.

5.) Inspecting the site
This is one of the most important tasks of a construction project manager. You should regularly inspect your project to ensure the safety standards are maintained. The workers should also be inspected to ensure they are working according to the project requirements.

6.) Coordinating the work
It is your responsibility to oversee the work assigned to your workers. To do so, you have to be at the construction site as much as you can. Ensure the workers are carrying out their duties as assigned and according to the schedule.