Autodesk unveils architectural suite in Kenya

The suite is a portfolio of inter-operable 3D building design software.
The suite is a portfolio of inter-operable 3D building design software. PHOTO/COURTESY
Autodesk Africa, a leading 3D design and engineering software maker, has unveiled its building information modelling suite for architects in Nairobi, Kenya.

The suite being promoted by Autodesk is a portfolio of inter-operable 3D building design software. It supports building technology and computer-aided design based work-flows that help builders to make informed design and construction decisions.

“Our specialty product isn’t the cheapest but is the most cost-effective in the long term as it improves productivity,” said Claire Taylor, Autodesk’s marketing manager for greater Africa.

The professional software for building and construction designs comes at a time when the Kenya Copyright Board has intensified its campaign against software piracy in the country.

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Software piracy is the unauthorized use or distribution of copyrighted software by downloading, sharing, selling or even installing copies onto personal computers.

The copyright board has over the past two years conducted raids on at least 30 firms based in Nairobi and seized 100 computers that were found with pirated copies of Autodesk software valued at over Sh10 million.

The board recently advised all architects, engineers and contractors to desist from using pirated copies of AutoCAD, Revit, Inventor, Autodesk 3DMax Design and any other Autodesk products.

Under the Copyright Act of Kenya, using pirated software is a criminal offense and individuals found guilty are liable to fines of up to Sh800,000.

Genuine Autodesk products can be purchased from authorized Autodesk resellers whose details can be found on

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