State inaugurates National Construction Authority

The NCA was launched by PM Raila Odinga

The government has inaugurated the National Construction Authority (NCA) mandated to regulate and bring sanity in the Kenyan construction industry.

The Authority, whose board will be chaired by Ken Onditi, will be in charge of registering (and de-registering) contractors after rigorous scrutiny to ensure only competent contractors are allowed to carry out any construction work in the country.

“We will come up with regulations to govern the industry and get rid of errant contractors and malpractices that have led to collapsing buildings,” Onditi said adding that NCA will start its operation by creating awareness to all stakeholders about its mandate in the industry.

“Anybody who wants to build must come to the NCA offices, and must get the Authority’s clearance certificate and without the certificate, you will not build,” he said.

The Authority will scrutinise the list of registration from the ministry of public works to weed out contractors who are not properly registered. It will also be mandated to monitor the construction process (including private properties) as detailed in the Physical Planning Act currently being implemented by the local authorities.

The NCA, which will be a state corporation under the ministry of public works, comprises 18 members drawn from both public and private sector, including ministries of roads, local government, housing and finance as well as the Architectural Association of Kenya, Institution of Engineers of Kenya, Institute of Quantity Surveyors of Kenya and the Law Society of Kenya.

The Authority is expected to weed out quarks and put an end to shoddy works and curb collapsing buildings accidents in a sector that has remained unregulated since 1986 when parliament disbanded the National Construction Corporation.

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  1. Francis says:

    This is just another money making venture for those in power. Why create another body instead of strengthening the existing ones especially the local authority who are key in inspecting the projects within their jurisdiction.

  2. martin kahungura says:

    I think a diploma in any construction-related field plus experience is enough for registration. This will go along way in facilitating upcoming local contractors.

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