Top kitchen, bathroom design ideas

Kitchens need to be aesthetically pleasing.
Kitchens need to be aesthetically pleasing. PHOTO/FILE
Studies show that the typical person spends an average of five years of their life in either the kitchen or their bathroom.

This is indeed a significant chunk of time hence the need to design these defining rooms for maximum comfort cannot be gainsaid. So it’s no surprise more home-owners are investing a lot of time and money into remodelling these important spaces.

Besides, kitchens and bathrooms have the greatest impact on future buyers and the value potential of the overall home price – with the average return on investment in these spaces being around 90 per cent.

A few years ago, kitchens had a rustic feel with warm colours and cabinetry, and wrought iron hardware and lighting. Today, remodelled kitchens boast white or gray cabinetry, plain counter tops and minimalist designs.

And in effort to maximise on available spaces, many home owners are now opting for floating shelves.

“Many clients now want floating shelves, opens spaces and room to hang some wall art,” says Nancy Wambui, a Nairobi-based interior designer.

This, says Ms Wambui, helps de-clutter the kitchen while giving the room a sleeker appearance.

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Many home-owners are fast moving towards open floor plan designs which connect the kitchen, dining and family areas. Open-concept kitchens are gaining popularity among individuals who enjoy entertaining with friends as they merge seamlessly with living spaces.

Within the kitchen itself, numerous best-selling designs feature kitchen islands or breakfast bars – with some even offering grilling rooms or outdoor kitchens.

As the average home sizes decrease, many people are now opting for showers, which take less space, instead of the traditional bathtub. Home-owners are now seeking to embellish the ‘shower experience’ rather than the tub experience.

A growing number of home-owners are actually taking out partial shower walls, or even the entire shower wall and turning the entire tiled bathroom into a shower.

Among critical variables in bathroom or kitchen designs are budgets and schedules. A typical remodel takes anything between 3 and 8 weeks, provided materials are ordered in advance.

For a bathroom remodel, clients should be prepared to stay without a working toilet for at least 3 weeks. Most of our clients make arrangements to stay elsewhere, especially if it’s a one-bathroom unit.

Understandably most designers provide contracts with loose verbiage such as “substantial completion.” A caveat is necessary because often things happen that are beyond the control of the designer such as waiting on materials.