7 Reasons why your business should start a blog today

A blogger uses a laptop. PHOTO: GETTY IMAGES/FRED FROESE
A blogger uses a laptop. PHOTO: GETTY IMAGES/FRED FROESE
Some months ago, I asked a director of a local construction company why his firm did not have a blog. To my surprise, the guy laughed and told me that “blogs don’t add value to businesses”.

What I gathered during our discussion is the fact that many business owners are not aware of the numerous benefits that an informative company blog can bring on the table.

So, straight to the point, let’s take a look at some of the reasons why every company should have a blog and the business goals that blogs contribute towards.

1.) Foster relationships with customers
Blogging helps to further your relationships with your clients. Through your blog articles, your clients get to know more about you and your thoughts on the construction industry. You also get a chance to inform your audience on new products, special offers and other news regarding your company.

And as you continue blogging, you will find that a blog offers you a cost-effective platform to market your business. Besides, the success rate of blog posts or PR messages can be easily measured since blogs allow readers to post comments and/or questions.

2.) Prove your expertise
A blog can easily establish you as an expert in the industry. This is due to the fact that as you do the research for your articles you end up becoming more knowledgeable, and blogging about it will help establish you as an authority in your field.

A very creative way to go about this is to write “how to” articles such as “How to fix broken roof tile” as well as sharing ideas on clever ways to solve various problems affecting people in the building and construction sector.

3.) Establish yourself as a market leader
Every company these days claims to be the ‘market leader’. Instead of making such claims too, you should create a blog that is loaded with in-depth analysis, feature articles and ideas that prove the leadership position of your company.

4.) Attract new customers
A well created and optimised blog has a high likelihood of appearing in search engine results pages and this can help bring people to your website when they are searching for information on topics related to your business.

More traffic to your website means an increase in lead generation, which subsequently increases the chances for your sales executives to convert into orders or sales. A blog simply advertises your company – at a negligible fraction of your usual advertising budget.

5.) Keep your clients coming back to you
There is nothing as addicting as a blog that is always fresh and updated with compelling content. Even when your readers have no intentions of buying anything from you, they will keep on coming to your blog to keep abreast of the on goings in the industry. Needless to say, whenever your audience go to the market for your type of product or service, they will most certainly come to you.

6.) Educate your clients  
Blogging gives you a platform to voice your opinion and educate your audience on issues affecting the construction industry. You can, for example, choose to write opinion pieces about upcoming legislation that is bound to affect the industry or an article informing your readers about specific regulations in layman’s language. This will keep people coming to your website while raising your profile as a leader in the industry.

7.)  Solving issues and problems  
Create a post about Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) in the construction industry. Provide well researched answers to these questions. Offer guidance to potential customers. Solve their problems. This will create the image of a dependable service provider – thereby increasing your chances of winning new clients.

Tip: Do not write about your company too much. A blog about iron sheets, for example, is not so interesting to readers. Write about things related to your business such as roofing designs, cost of roofing materials in your country, etc. This will increase your chances of getting new visitors to your blog.