5 benefits of Decra roofing tiles

Decra roofing systems have colour durability that lasts for years
Decra roofing systems have colour durability that lasts for years. PHOTO/COURTESY
Decra, the world’s first steel roof tiles, are increasingly becoming popular among home owners looking for durable roofing solutions.

The roofing systems that are made from sheet steel coated with stone chips have been in existence for over 50 years and are sold in at least 80 countries around the world.

Decra roofing systems, which are distributed in Kenya by Space & Style Ltd., offer the following benefits that endear them to many builders.

1.) Fire resistance. This is one of the major selling points of Decra roofing systems, which are made from non-combustible, high-quality aluminium-zinc coated steel. These attributes enable a roof to prevent hot embers from external fires from spreading.

2.) Lightweight. Decra roofing tiles weigh a mere 7kg per square metre – about a seventh the weight of clay and concrete tiles. This, combined with the fact that every tile is securely fastened at eight points, ensures there is little chance of the roof collapsing in case of an interior fire.

3.) Durability. Decra roofing systems have colour durability that lasts for years. The roofs come with a 25-year full weatherproof warranty, plus a diminishing pro-rata warranty for a further 25 years.

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4.) Cost effective. Although Decra systems may require a higher initial investment compared to other roofing tiles, the materials are less expensive in the long-run since they require minimum maintenance.

5.) Invulnerable. Decra roofs are known to withstand natural calamities such as earthquakes. There are countless records of Decra roofs standing firm in major earthquakes while neighbouring buildings have collapsed. This is attributable to the lightweight nature of Decra roofs.