An overview of metal roofing

Metal roofs lasts decades longer than other roofs.
Metal roofs lasts decades longer than other roofs. PHOTO/COURTESY
Metal roofing entails the installation of a roofing system made from metal pieces or tiles. The popularity of metal roofs is on the rise because the roofs are more durable than other roofing materials and homes with such roofs have higher resale values.

A metal roof offers many advantages to the home-owner, including energy savings, expanded colour options, longevity and long-term warranties (up to 50 years). According to the U.S. Metal Roofing Alliance, metal roofing can save up to 40 per cent on annual energy costs depending on the geographical region.

Another major advantage of metal roofing is that they can increase the thermal efficiency of homes in high temperature regions with their cool-roof paints and high emissivity. In addition to that, they are impervious to rot and mildew and they cannot be damaged by termites – hence their longevity.

Metal roofs are also known for their ability to withstand extreme weather conditions including high winds, wildfires and hailstorms. This is the main reasons as to why insurance companies offer discounts of up to 30 per cent to homes with metal roofs.

Metal roofs consist of steel, aluminium, copper or tin. Steel is the most common material and may be coated with zinc to reduce maintenance costs and rust.

Aluminium is ideal for coastal regions because of its anti-corrosive properties, though it tends to be  more expensive compared to steel. Copper is popular for its rich colouring but it is usually the most expensive of all metal roofing materials. Tin is not so popular for homes but it is commonly used on barns and sheds.

These materials can be recycled and are more environmentally friendly than other materials.

Metal roof shingles are interlocking metal components with less than 3 sq. feet of installed exposure.

Roofs made of interlocking metal shingles have been reported to have stayed maintenance-free and watertight for more than 100 years since their installation.

This is possible because the interlocking metal roof shingles actually interlock with one another and each of their accessory components, and are secured with heavy-duty stainless steel clips.

The prices of metal roofs are generally higher than those of other roofing materials. However, they last several decades longer than most other roof options – meaning they are cheaper in the long-term.

That said, metal roofing price vary depending on your geographical location and other factors such as the materials used to make the roof.

When budgeting for roofing costs, always remember to include the cost of removal of old roof, disposal of old materials and installation of the new metallic roof. It is also advisable to ask qualified contractors for price estimates.

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