How to Install Metal Roofing

Metal roofs lasts decades longer than other roofs.
Metal roofs lasts decades longer than other roofs. PHOTO/COURTESY
Metal roofing installation is becoming popular among homeowners as it helps improve the visual appeal of a home. Metal roofs are durable and can hold up well under extreme weather conditions.

Although metal roofing is simple in design, its installation require skill and thorough planning to ensure the roof is safe and durable.

Metal roofing installation

Here is a step by step guide to help you install your new metal roof.

1.) Learn about the different materials you will need to install a metal roof, including nails, shingles, hand tools, flashing and counter-flashing.

2.) Check out a wood or tile roofing system by using a shingle. These two materials will give you a variety of design patterns and colour choices.

3.) Choose a panel rather than a shingle if you want a broad variety of contours and samples. You may want to consider copper or steel panels since they are less expensive and can be recycled.

4.) Acquire a user-friendly shingle with an aluminium interlocking system as this will make the installation easier for you than the more advanced shingles and panels.

5.) Install your newly acquired panel or metal shingle over your old roof. Although this is possible for many homes, it is recommendable to check with your metal roofing material supplier if this is possible in your case.

6.) Attach the starter flashing to ensure leakage does not occur. Adhere strips of securing flashing to the roof by nailing it to the fascia trim board and to the sections of the roof. Be sure to apply counter-flashing strips are required.

Tips & Warning

a.) Install metal roofing system that has hidden gutter channels since it will provide better drainage for your home while making it more visually appealing.

b.) Make your personal safety a top priority. Wear protective rubber coated gloves while working with metal roofing and flashings.

c) Once you are done with metal roofing installation, brush off any shavings or metal filings that are on the roof. Failure to do so will cause rust spots where they rest on the metal roofing.

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