New law seeks to set standards in housing industry

The Built Environment Bill 2012. PHOTO/FILE.
The Built Environment Bill 2012 seeks to bring order in the construction industry. PHOTO/FILE
The government has published three draft laws seeking to set standards in the Kenyan housing sector.

The Built Environment Bill 2012, the National Building regulations and the National Building Maintenance policy 2012 were released Thursday inviting the public to air their views before they are tabled in Parliament for approval.

The government has also approved re-zoning of Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu and other major towns to accommodate the growing urban population.

The Built Environment Bill 2012 seeks to bring order in the booming construction industry by establishing minimum standards and practices.

It also establishes the Building Authority of Kenya whose mandate is to control, manage and enforce laws in the building and construction industry by setting up standards for energy, water, safety, health, registration, certification and maintenance.

The National Building Regulations 2012 is aimed at reviewing the outdated Building Code to keep up-to-date with the new technologies as well as design methods and innovative construction systems.

On its part, the National Building Maintenance policy 2012 seeks to ensure regular and consistent maintenance of buildings throughout their life span.

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