Sanghi Cement’s Kenya factory moves closer to construction

Proposed Sanghi Cement factory in Kenya
The cement factory is scheduled to be fully completed in about 18-20 months. PHOTO/FILE
Cemtech Kenya, a subsidiary of Sanghi Group of India, has finally moved construction machinery to the Pokot cement factory site in readiness to start work.

Cemtech CEO Rajesh Rawal was last week quoted by the Business Daily as saying that his firm had secured approvals for the commencement of phase one of the Sh12 billion cement factory in West Pokot County.

“We have acquired the certifications necessary for start of the preliminary processes,” Mr Rawal said adding that ground-breaking would be held in a fortnight after final approval to start the actual construction.

The firm has moved drilling rigs and other machinery to the site in readiness to start work on the plant whose construction has been delayed by land acquisition and infrastructural issues like power connectivity.

Phase one of the project will involve construction of internal roads linking the factory site and the mines, setting up prefabricated houses for staff and workers and the establishment of perimeter walls.

It will also comprise the construction of an administration block, platforms on which the machines will be erected, followed by the delivery of threshing machines, excavators, tractors and trucks.

The cement factory is scheduled to be fully completed in about 18-20 months, with cement production expected to begin in 24 months.

Sanghi Group, the world’s largest cement manufacturer with capacity of over 20 million tonnes, is a major investor in the plant whose annual production capacity stands at 24 million bags of cement.

The factory was commissioned in July 2010 by Prime Minister Raila Odinga but since then construction has not commenced.

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Cemtech has contracted a Chinese consortium, made up of several engineering firms, to put up the cement plant on 650 acres in the remote West Pokot region.

“The Chinese consortium will manufacture, install and commission the state of the art cement plant,” said Mr Rawal in an earlier press briefing.

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