Duma Group unveils ‘instant’ mortar premix

Samples of Duma Group Premix Product. PHOTO/FILE
Samples of Duma Group Premix Product. PHOTO/FILE
Duma Group, a Kilifi mining company, has unveiled a premixed ballast product that seeks to promote conservation by curbing use of yellow river.

The new product, dubbed Duma Premix, comprises a ready-to-use mixture of polyhedric ballast and sand mined by the firm at its 100-acre quarry in the Jaribuni area of Kilifi County.

It will be available in local supermarkets and hardware stores in 50kg packs, according to the manufacturer.

“The new range of Duma products formulated with the Duma Polyhedric ballast made from premium quality crushed stone is evenly shaped, consistent in size and achieves a strong and durable concrete setting with 20pc less cement,”  Duma CEO Naja Dahmani said during the launch in Nairobi on Aug 3, 2013.

Duma Group has invested in a modern crushing plant that produces 0-6mm Duma Quarry sand consisting of small, crushed stones with exceptional purity. The company expects to produce 4,200 packs of Duma Premix a day.

Users of the Duma Premix are expected to mix five packs of the product with one bag of cement and 20 litres of water to instantly prepare solid mortar minimising the risks of cracks and building collapse.

According to Dahmani, the product has been developed to promote environmental conservation by curbing use of yellow river in line with the Vision 2030 development blueprint.

Duma Premix is likely to revolutionise the construct sector by offering an ‘instant’ solid concrete mix to builders who currently buy ballast and sand separately and mix them on-site.

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