Dynamic Group resurrects Dubai rotating tower

A silhouette of David Fisher, the architect and creator of the Dynamic Tower.
A silhouette of David Fisher, the architect and creator of the Dynamic Tower. PHOTO/COURTESY
London-based Dynamic Architecture Group, the architectural firm that had proposed to build a rotating tower in Dubai in 2008, is set to revive the stalled Dynamic Tower project later this year.

Italian architect David Fisher, the founder of Dynamic Group, had proposed to build a rotating tower – Dynamic Tower – in Dubai five years ago but the plan was abandoned after the effect of the global financial crisis hit the Dubai construction industry.

360 degrees
The 420m Dynamic Tower features 80 pre-fabricated apartments spinning a full 360 degrees (at voice command) every 90 minutes around a central column by means of 79 giant wind turbines located between the floors.

“The first 20 floors will be for retail space, the next 15 for a hotel, the next 35 floors will have residential apartments and the top 10 floors will have luxury villa-style apartments,” Fisher said in a statement.

Fisher did not disclose the Dubai tower’s location, financing and construction timeframe, saying he wanted to keep secret so they would be a “surprise”. However, according to the Daily Mail newspaper, the tower is expected to cost about US$540 million.

Built as modules
The Dynamic Tower will be the world’s first skyscraper built with industrial systems process. 90 per cent of the tower will be built as modules in a factory and then assembled on a central core – the only part that will be constructed ‘on-site’ using traditional construction techniques.

Early last year, Dynamic Group announces it was moving the project to London due to ‘financial concerns and other factors’.

“We are now close to starting construction on the first building in motion in London, which will become a world landmark,” the developer said in an email sent to investors.

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Similar towers have been planned for other cities including New York, Moscow, Paris, Miami, Milan and Rome.

According to Fisher, each floor will take only six days to assemble around the core once permission is granted and the concrete structures are in place. This means the 80 floors will be assembled in 480 days.

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