5 Interior design ideas and tips to transform your home into a palace

Bedroom lighting
Different rooms in the house need different lighting.
Modern interior design ideas mainly focus on the use of colour, texture, accessories and lighting that combines harmoniously with the architectural design of your home.

Here are simple ideas that you can use to make your small house in Kenya, or anywhere in the world, look trendy, modern and fashionable.

1.) Colour – The choice of colour scheme for your home is easily the most important element of interior decor. As a rule, choose a colour scheme that matches with your furniture to create a stylish look. It is also recommendable to use of colours that are toned down to achieve the right interior decor.

2.) Texture – The texture of your home furniture should be chosen wisely. Go for materials that are neutral and blends well with the home’s colour scheme. Use fabric drapes to add comfort to your home but remember to keep the elegance of the fabric minimal to avoid ruining the modern look.

3.) Lighting – The greatest interior design ideas in Kenya revolve around the use of lighting. When used properly, lighting can be a major component of interior design.

Different rooms in the house need different lighting. Living rooms, for example, require a mixture of lighting options; including background lights, task lights and accent lights. On the other hand kitchens require bright overhead lights and extra under-counter lights for task lighting.

4.) Accessories – Colourful decorations, furnishings and accessories demand a lot of attention thereby ruining the modern look. You should avoid them and instead go for items that are metallic and glass to create a stylish look that blends well into the background of the overall décor.

5.) Minimalism – Modern interior design ideas revolve around minimalistic design. This is a design that seeks to keep the house relaxed and clutter-free. The objective to minimal home decor is to leave an open-ended feeling and to give your home an air of tranquility.