Mwache Dam project to boost Kwale, Mombasa fortunes

Mwache Dam will support about 2,000 hectares of irrigation in Kwale County.
Mwache Dam will support about 2,000 hectares of irrigation in Kwale County. PHOTO/FILE
Construction of the much awaited Mwache Dam in Kwale appeared imminent last week after Kenya invited expressions of interest to serve as owner’s engineer for the project.

The scope of work includes detailed geotechnical and materials investigations; final design review and update; preparation of dam safety, emergency preparedness and operations plans; support of procurement matters; and supervision of contractors’ work.

Three copies of expressions of interest are to be submitted by February 3 at 10am.

Submissions are to be labelled “Tender No. EOI/MEWNR/KWSCRP-2/005/2014-15: Request for Expression of Interest for Consultancy Services for Owner’s Engineer – Mwache Dam Construction Supervision and Quality Assurance Plan.”

The Sh17 billion Mwache Dam is a 87.5-meter-tall concrete gravity dyke, impounding 118 million cubic meters for water supply and irrigation.

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The dam is expected to boost the fortunes of Kwale and Mombasa by supplying 60 million cubic meters of water to the two counties and supporting about 2,000 hectares of irrigation in Kwale County.

The Mwache Dam project, which will be funded by the World Bank, is part of the second phase of the Water Security and Climate Resilience programme which will focus on Mombasa and Kwale counties.

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