Government asks for Lamu bids

Kenya’s ministry of transport has called for bids to construct a new port at Lamu on the northern coast of Kenya.

Recent advertisements carried by local newspapers stated that the new port will initially consist of three deepwater berths capable of taking container ships with a deadweight of 100,000 tonnes, general cargo vessels with a DWT of 30,000t and bulkers of up to 100,000 DWT.

The cost to build the port is estimated at USD 16 million. The proposal to build the Lamu port has however drawn some strong opposition from environmentalists but the government has made clear its intention of pressing ahead.

Lamu port project will be part of a broader US$22 billion development plan that includes railway lines, a pipeline, roads and airports to open up the northern part of the country and link east Africa’s biggest economy with Sudan and Ethiopia. The tender closes on closes on 15 October.

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